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Maus 2

Write an overall impression of what Vladek went through in Auschwitz and how it changed him. How has it affected Artie and Francoise?

Vladek starved many time because there was barely any food. He doesn’t like to spend that much money and he is always looking for ways to save. Instead of throwing a way a little bit of cereal that was left, Vladek went and returned it to the store because he doesn’t even like wasting a crumb. Francoise and Artie feel bad for Vladek and sometimes can get annoyed by him. They feel bad for all that he has gone threw and know that even though he still came out alive it killed him in some way.


A Great and Terrible Beauty


Star rating: 5/5
Publisher: Little Brown
Author: Libba Bray
Title: A Great and Terrible Beauty
Where to buy:
Cost: $6.24
Setting : Spence Academy
Characters: Gemma, Ann, Pippa , Felicity

Story Plot: Gemma is a teenager with a stubborn mind. She wants to go to England where she says she will be better off but her mom doesn’t want her too. She gets hot headed and runs away from her mothers side while in the market place. While running, she suddenly receives a vision, and its not a good one. This is the first time anything like this happens to her. The vision tell her about her mother committing suicide. She decides to run back and find her mother, but it is already to late. Her vision actually came true. Next thing she know, Gemma is shipped off to Spence Academy. Here she meets Ann, Felicity and Pippa. Felicity and Pippa are two very popular girls in the school that like to bully Ann. Later on Gemma meets a guy named Kartik. He  tells her to not have any vision any more because if not she could be killed. While roaming around Gemma ends up finding a secret diary. The diary talks about a girl who had magic powers and also had visions. In a vision, that Gemma has later on, she meets with her mother. Her mother gives her a set of orders to complete that are very important. They involve the runes that keep Gemma’s magic. Eventually, everything goes on wrong and before they know it a path of evil destruction is headed their way. Will they be able to fix their mistake in time or will darkness settle upon the whole world?

Review: An awesome supernatural story once again. This book has an incredible amount of detail put into it. It has many twist and turns to the plot.It packed with secrets. I love that there is a lot of suspension effort put into this book. You are gonna want to know what happens next.  I recommend this book for all people who love supernatural stories and plot surprises.



Maus 1

Chapter 1 –  Why does Art Spiegelman use mice instead of people to portray the characters in the story? What do the mice represent?

He wants to show the difference in characters. The mice are scared of the cats. The cats represent the Nazi and the mice represent the Jews.

Chapter 2 – Why does Ms. Stefanska go to jail? What role did Anja play in Ms. Stefanska’s going to jail?

She helped Anja hide a package. They found the package in her home and arrested her for helping someone hide it.

Chapter 3 – What does Vladek mean on page 50, when he says, “Well at least I did something.” Do you believe that he is justified in feeling this way? Explain.

He stating that even though he killed the soldier he did something about his death by helping people find him.

Chapter 4 – Although Jews were allowed only limited rations under the Nazi occupation, Vladek manages to circumvent these restrictions for a while. What methods does he use to support himself and his family?

Vladek went to one of the stores that still owed hm money and got cloth to make clothe in order to make some zlotys. Later, he also started working in a tin shop. He also started working in the black market business and helped sneak “extra items” to other businesses.

Chapter 5 – How did Vladek care for Anja after the destruction of the Srodula ghetto? Contrast his behavior toward his first wife, during the worst years of the war, with the way he now treats Mala.

Vladek took care of Anja and didn’t want anything bad to happen to her. He loved her and even though she would cry or want to kill herself he would always lift up her spirit. He was always nice to her not like he was to Mala. He always got annoyed by Mala.

Chapter 6 – Why does Artie call his father a murderer? Is he justified? Who else has he called a murderer, and why?

Artie calls his father a murderer for burning and destroying all of his mothers memories. Vladek never read what his wife had written in her diaries.


Star rating: 5/5

Publisher: Delacorte Press

Author: James Dashner

Title: The Rule of Thoughts

Where to buy:

Cost: $7.66

Characters: Michael, Sarah, Bryson, Kane

Setting: Virtual game and different locations

Plot: Michal has just woken up in another body and another place that is not his own. He hadn’t believed the VNS when they had told him that the whole time he was actually a computer program and now here he was for the first time in a real human body, downloaded into someone’s life. People like him are tangents, and people like Kaine (a very poweerful tangent) hope to replace the whole world with people like Michael. In search for help Micheal decides to search for his game friend Sarah, what happens next leaves them both in shock and fear. They decide to look for clues by doing what they do best, hacking into the virtnet. Here they find their friend Bryson and the three of them decide that if they want answers, its better to do it out in the real world where Kaine can find them. At first agent weber doesn’t seemed pleased in wanting to help them, but when they find her she urges them to go back into the virtual world in search for Kaine’s secret location. She says that if they find it, she might be able to erase Kaine forever and stop his crazy idea of replacing peoples brains with computer programs. 24 hours,that’s how much time they will have to find him. Will Michael and his friends be able to stop him in time or will they become the key in helping Kaine unleash his evil plan?

Review: This sequel will not let you down. It keep the same action , plot twist and is just as good as the first book. The idea of creating a book that crosses between the real world and a virtual game is awesome. The plot is very rare and unique compared to other books. Once its in your hands you just won’t be able to put it down.  This book is great for people to like fast paced books and need an action packed novel. James Dashner will have you on the edge of your seat again with one of is other amazing books.

Made a book quiz for The 5th Wave, check it out in the link below.

Be aware

A public health video.

Book Trailer

City of Ashes

Star rating: 5/5

Publisher: McElderry Books

Author: Cassandra Clare

Title: City of Ashes

Where to buy:

Cost: $8.53

Characters: Jace, Clary, Luke, Magnus, Alec, Valentine, Isabelle, Maryse, Simon

Setting: Manhattan, New York

Plot: Alec and Isabelle’s parents have returned from Idris. Maryse Lightwood, their mother, seems to be  particularly mad at Jace. She thinks that just like Valentine Jace is going to hurt them all, so she decided to band him from the Intitute. He ends up picking a fight with downworlders, so Clary and Luke talk some sense into him to go figure out why he was really kicked out. The Clave thinks that Jace is actually a spy for Valentine and sends and Inquisitor to investigate them all. She decided to punish him by sending him to spend one night in the Silent City. While in the Silent City, Jace witnesses the death of the Silent Brothers, the most powerful shadowhunters and Valentine is behind all of this. He had to kill the brothers in order to retrieve the second of the mortal instruments, the Mortal Sword.  They discover that Valentine wants the Mortal Sword to use it for demonic power. He needs the blood of one of each of the downworlder children and Simon is one of Valentine’s target. Trying to retrieve Simon and prevent Valentine from releasing powerful demons will not be easy, not even if all shadowhunters join forces.

Review: This book has an incredible amount of detail put into it. It has many twist and turns to the plot. This book will have you at the edge of your seat. Reading the book makes you feel like you are actually there. I love that there is a lot of suspension effort put into this book. You can tell that it was very planned out so that everything could be explained. I have no bad comments about this particular book. I recommend this book for all people who love supernatural stories and plot surprises.



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